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My Family Tree 12.4 now available

Today we are excited to announce the release of My Family Tree 12.4 available now from the latest updates page.

This release contains several new features and changes in the following areas:

  • Enhanced statistics and data filters
  • Relationship calculator
  • Other improvements
Enhanced statistics and data filters

In this release, the statistics feature has received a major upgrade. The statistics section now contains dozens of new analytics which can help you gather new insights into your family tree. New relationship statistics allows you to gain a better understanding of how the people in your tree are related to you with graphs showing how many steps, marriages, or generations each person is away.

For marriages, we added new statistics on the age differences between spouses when they married. For children, we added new statistics on the age difference between siblings.

Age difference chart

We also redesigned the display of individuals mentioned in statistics, and now show a profile picture, their relationship to you, information tooltips, as well as support for click to navigate so you can jump directly to a person in the chart.

Statistic avatar panel

The new relationship statistics also bring new ways to filter lists of people, allowing you to quickly select individuals based on their relation to you.

Data filters
Relationship calculator

The relationship calculator has also received a major upgrade and now shows the steps in the relationship calculation, as well as calculation of various relationship degrees, and full support for descriptions of relationships involving adoption and other non-biological parent-child connections.

Relationship calculator
Other notable improvements
  • A new tag manager has been added, allowing individuals to be associated with text labels.
  • The current home person is displayed in the menu bar area, and supports click to navigate, so you can jump quickly to this person in the chart at any time.
  • New white and black themes have been added which complement the default light and dark themes in Windows 11.
  • The Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is now used for rendering reports. This makes use of the modern Microsoft Edge (Chromium) platform ensuring that the web reports can use the full range of modern HTML.
  • Avatar images have been added to the fan chart.
  • Avatar editing options have been added to the right click menus for chart nodes.
  • Multimedia, note, and citation counts have been added to fact lists.
Upgrading from earlier versions

My Family Tree requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or later which is supported on Windows 10 (1607 and later), Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 (SP1 only).
Users of the Microsoft Store version of My Family Tree will automatically receive the update.  For all other users the new version is available now ....

Published 21 Dec 2022 19:00