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The main view is split into 5 main sections.

Summary panel

The name of the family tree, any family crests, and status icons are displayed in the summary panel.  The summary panel can be hidden (see Tools⯈Options).  The name of the family tree can be edited using File⯈Properties  Family crests can be assigned in Person⯈Photos and story.

The main menu

Fig 1. The summary panel.

When editing encrypted files, a key icon is displayed in the top right hand corner of the panel.

Main menu

The menu provides access to all views and tools available in My Family Tree.

The main menu

Fig 2. The main menu.


The chart area displays a family chart or an ancestors chart along with tools to customise and edit the people displayed.

The chart controls

Fig 3. The main chart.

Details side bar

The details side bar contains a summary of the currently selected person, shortcuts to edit the person's details as well as add or edit their relationships.  The panel can be enlarged by dragging the left hand border of the panel.  The gear button at the top of the panel provides shortcuts to delete or replace a person, set the person as the primary person (see Trees), and navigate between the most recently edited people.

The details summary panel   The details summary tools

Fig 4. The details summary panel (left) and shortcuts (right).

Family list

The family list contains all members of the current family.  A person's sex, name, tree number, year of birth, year of death and age are shown.  You can right click the list to choose which columns to display.  Selecting a person in the list will display that person's family tree in the family chart.  You can search for people using the filter box.  The list can be sorted by clicking the column headings.

The family list

Fig 5. The family list.

The displayed columns can customised and sorted (see Data Grids).

The filter text box supports advanced filter queries (see Filters).