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My Family Tree includes many filter boxes to search lists and data grids for people in your tree.

The filter box

When filtering, items in the list are compared with the filter text for matches. All lists can be filtered using an item's unique ID.  Text information stored in the item is also searched for matches.

Filter matches

By default, the filters matches objects whose text contains exactly the search text.  You can adjust the match criteria to allow for more "fuzzy" matching by right clicking the filter box.  The available options are:

  • Match similar spellings (using distance matching algorithm) e.g. "Smith" and "Smiht" are treated as equal.

  • Match similar sounds (using phonetic matching algorithm) e.g. Smith and Schmidt are treated as equal.

  • Ignore case e.g. "SMITH" and "Smith" are treated as equal.

  • Ignore diacritics e.g. "André" and "Andre" are treated as equal.

  • Ignore symbols e.g. "Smith-Jones" and "Smith Jones" are treated as equal.

  • Ignore kana type (Japanese text only) i.e. the hiragana character for one sound is considered equal to the katakana character for the same sound.

Match options

Fig 1. Filter match options.


Filter masks

There are special filters for some lists. To indicate a filter is being used, prefix the search with the supported filter mask followed by a colon. The following filter masks are supported:

You can filter by gender e.g.

  • "gender:male" returns all male people

  • "gender:female" returns all female people

  • "gender:unknown" returns all people with an unknown gender.

You can filter by living status e.g.

  • "status:living" returns all living people

  • "status:deceased" returns all deceased people.

You can filter by age e.g.

  • "age:64+" returns all those 64 and over

  • "age:50-" returns all those 50 and younger

  • "age:0-16" returns all those aged between 0 and 16 years inclusive.

You can filter by last name e.g.

  • "last name:Smith" returns all those with last names of Smith.

Where full birth dates are include in the list, special filters check people who share the same day and month in different years e.g.

  • "birthdays:01 Oct (J)" returns all those with birthdays on October 1st in the Julian calendar.
    Use (G) for Gregorian, (J) for Julian, (F) for French Republican, (H) for Hebrew, (P) for Persian (solar Hijri), (I) for Islamic (lunar Hijri), (Eg) for Egyptian, (C) for Coptic, (Et) for Ethiopic, (A) for Armenian, and (Ic) for Old Icelandic calendars respectively.

All search options support localised filter masks.