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The Ancestors Chart displays ancestral generations of the current person.  You can also display the spouses and children of the current person.

Using the chart controls

My Family Tree charts share a common set of controls for navigation, pan and zoom, configuration, and printing.  Read how to use the chart controls here.

The ancestors chart

Fig 1. The ancestors chart.

Displaying relationships

Ancestral generations

Ancestral generations (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on) are displayed in this chart. 

Ancestral generations in the ancestors tree chart

Fig 2. Ancestral generations in the ancestors tree chart.

Spouses and children

The spouses and children can optionally be displayed below the current person. 

Spouses and children in the ancestors tree chart

Fig 3. Spouses and children in the ancestors tree chart.


Each person in the tree is represented using a details card.  A person's name, birth, death, and age can be shown along with an image of the person.   If a person is living, a person's birth year and age is shown e.g. Born 1926 ❘ 91.  If a person is deceased their birth year, death year, and age at death is shown e.g. 1930 - 2002 ❘ 71.  The format of the information can be configured in the Chart Options.

People in the ancestors chart

Fig 4. People in the ancestors chart.

More information about each person can be displayed by hovering over a person in the chart.

More information popup

Fig 5. More information popup.


Colours are used to visualise the generations in the tree.


Several symbols are used in chart.  Their meanings are explained below.

 ⯈  The navigate icon is shown when additional ancestors are available but not currently displayed.  Hover over this icon to see the next ancestor or click the icon to navigate up the tree.
 ➕︎ Click the icon to add a parent, spouse, or child.
—— Solid lines denote biological parent-child relationships, or current relationships between two people.
- - - Dashed lines denote non biological parent-child relationships, or former relationships two people.
  * Birth (b.)
  ✝︎ Death (d.) / Deceased (dec.)
  ⚬︎ Engagement (eng.)
  ⚭︎ Marriage (mar.)
 ⚯︎ Partnership/relationship
  ⚮︎ Divorce (div.)