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The chart is the heart of My Family Tree. Both the family and pedigree charts share the same set of common features outlined below.

Pan and zoom

The charts have full pan and zoom options. Press and hold the mouse to pan the chart. Hold the "Ctrl" key and use the mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in and out. For larger trees, you can use the chart map to navigate larger trees with ease. Touch gestures are supported on Windows 7 and later.

The chart map and zoom controls

Fig 1. The chart map and zoom controls.

Date perspective

You can view the chart as it would have been at any point in history. The date picker allows you to alter the day at which the tree is viewed and fades out people who were born after the time selected. The status of relationships, and the living status will dynamically change as you alter the dates. Hold the "Alt" key and use the mouse Scroll Wheel to jump forwards or backwards in 1 year intervals.

The chart controls

Fig 2. The chart controls.

Presentation mode

The chart can be viewed as a full screen view for presenting.  Press F11 to toggle between normal and full screen view.

Customisation options

To customise the charts click the tool icon button at the top of the view.  By selecting the desired options, you can create a variety of family history charts. The chart updates in real time so experiment to see what each option does.

Sharing the chart

You can print or export an image of the the current chart by clicking the gear icon button.