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A family tree is made up of a group of people who are connected directly or indirectly via relationships to other people.  Each tree is assigned a number to distinguish it from other trees.  These numbers are automatically calculated by My Family Tree and update automatically to take account of changes to your tree.

Managing trees

You can view and navigate to any of the trees in your file using the Tools⯈Manage Trees tool.  You can view each tree and the number of people it contains, navigate easily to the tree, delete a tree, and set a primary tree to view when the file loads.

The tree manager tool

Fig 1. Managing your trees.

Displaying tree numbers

The family list in the main view also shows the number of the tree each person is in.  Click the tree icon to sort by tree number.

Showing tree numbers in the family list

Fig 2. Tree numbers.

Optionally, this information can be displayed in the family data view.  If the column isn't displayed, right-click the view and check the "Tree" column.

Creating trees

To begin a new tree, you can use the "Add new" option in the Tools⯈Manage Trees tool or add an unrelated person to the tree.  New trees can also be created indirectly if a person or relationship is deleted causing branches of a tree become disconnected.

Adding a new tree

Fig 3. Creating a new tree.

Deleting trees

To remove an entire tree, use the Tools⯈Manage Trees tool.  Select the tree you want to delete and use the "Delete" option.

The primary tree

By default, the primary tree is the tree with the largest number of individuals, but you can select a different primary tree using the Tools⯈Manage Trees tool.

The primary person

Each tree has their own primary person. You can select a different primary person by right-clicking the desired person in the charts and choosing "Set as primary person".

The primary person is made the focus of the chart when you click the home button in the chart controls.

The primary person of the primary tree is made the focus of the chart when a file is loaded.  If you have not chosen a primary person or primary tree, the application will choose the first person in the tree with the largest number of individuals.  This behaviour will be overridden if you have selected the "Open files on the person selected when the file was last saved" in Options.

Family crests

The family crest of the primary person in the tree will be displayed for any member of the tree who does not have their own family crest (see Person⯈Photos and story).