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You can store lots of information about each family member.  From names, facts, relationship and genetic information to multimedia files such as photos and stories, there is almost certainly a place to store all your research.  This section explains some of the useful details about the types of information which can be recorded.


Most of the time, a first name and a surname will be adequate to describe the person.  Sometimes people may have more complex names with prefixes and suffixes. Often people are known by nicknames or may even take an alternative name.  The names view allows you to store all this information including citations which reference the source of the information.


These are detailed pieces of information which usually represent events in the person's life for example, a birth, a marriage, or an interesting attribute such as an occupation.  Each fact can have citations which reference the sources of the information.  By default, a person will always have a birth event and if the person is deceased, they will have a death event.


The heart of any family tree are the relationships between people.  My Family Tree supports many types of complex relationships including multiple spouses and complex adoption scenarios.  You can add facts, citations, and notes to each spouse relationship.


The genetics view is used to store the results and conclusions from any DNA tests taken by members of the family. Data from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal DNA is supported.

Multimedia files

The Photos and Story view can be used to quickly add photos and a text story to a person.  You can specify a primary image which is displayed throughout the application to represent that person.  You can also tag other types of multimedia files to each person in the family tree using the Multimedia view.