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My Family Tree supports many types of complex relationships including multiple spouses and complex adoption scenarios.  The Edit Relationships panel allows you to view, add and remove relationships as well as edit basic relationship properties.

Editing relationships

A full list of relationships is displayed in the relationships panel. The name, start date and status of the relationship is shown.  Select a relationship to access any editable information about the relationship.  To edit more details on spouse relationships, use the Families view.

The relationships list

Fig 1. The relationships list.

Creating relationships

You can add parents, children and spouses to the currently selected person.  You can also add an unrelated person or add a relationship between two existing people.

To add a person use the create relationship button in the details sidebar or right click the relationships list box (Fig 1.)

Adding relationship Edit relationships menu

Fig 2. Adding a relationship.

Adding parents

Fig 3. shows the data entry panel used to create a parent relationship. You can choose the type of parent child relationship (natural / adopted / foster / guardian) before creating the relationship.

Adding a parent

Fig 3. Adding a parent.

Adding children

Children are added in a similar way to parents.  You can choose whether the child is adopted / fostered etc. before creating the relationship.


Choosing parents

If there is more than one possible parent set you will be prompted to choose the correct one when you create the relationship.

Adding a sibling

Fig 4. Choosing the parents.

Adding a spouse/partner

Spouse relationships are created using the "Add spouse/partner" option. You can choose whether the spouse is current / former / divorced etc. before creating the relationship.


Sibling relationships are determined automatically by analysing a person's parents and those parent's children. To add siblings, you should add children to the correct parent group.

Connecting family members

Relationships can be created between two people already present in the tree provided such a relationship does not yet exist. This allows for all possible relationship structures to be created.  When creating relationships in this way, a one to one relationship is formed between the two people. Any additional parent child relationships should be manually added.  This will provide the greatest possible flexibility when building your family tree.

Creating relationships between existing people

Fig 5. Creating relationships between existing people.