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This feature allows you to create customisable reports about the people in your family tree. You can choose from wide range of report content and customisation options.  The reports use a web ready documents so if you want to share your family tree on the web for all people to view, you can upload the report to your own website.

Types of report

There are 3 main categories of reports which can be produced.

Customising reports

Each report has its own set of customisation options for fine tuning the information included in a report.


The main report title is generated automatically from the selected report type and the title and the family crest of your tree which can be specified in the Family Information section of the Properties dialog.  You can optionally include the creation date of the report.


Photos can be embedded into the body of the report to remove the need for linked files.  However not all browsers support this function.


You can use privacy options to remove personal details of living people or people who have been marked as private within My Family Tree.  Selecting the "Hide living people" option prevents export of all information about living people apart from their surname. Selecting the "Hide private information" option prevents export of any information marked as private. Note that information about private and living people is always exported in the discrepancies report.

How do I view the reports?

Reports can be previewed in My Family Tree.  You can choose either to save them to your computer or print them directly.

Supported web browsers

Reports can be viewed in all modern web browsers including Microsoft® Edge, Internet Explorer® and Mozilla® Firefox®.  We strongly recommend using the latest version available for your operating system.