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These reports provide information about the person selected as the report focus.  There are 7 types of report:

  • Person
  • Relatives
  • Witnesses
  • Ahnentafel
  • Story
  • Timeline
  • Kinship
  • DNA


This report provides information about a person.  This report includes details and an ancestral trees for the person, details of immediate family relatives, any photos of the person, the person's story, associated world history and facts.


This report provides information about a person's relatives along with the relationship to the current person and optionally birth/death details.


This report provides information about the events witnessed by the person and events the person took part in which were witnessed by other people.


This report provides a summary of the person's direct blood ancestors in the traditional Ahnentafel style.  You can control the number of generations which can be output (up to 12 generations/4095 people) and whether to display the person's photo alongside their name.


This report includes the person's story.


This report creates a timeline of all the events in the person's life.  You can control the number of decades which are exported and sort the events in chronological or reverse chronological order.


This report describes the relationship between the selected person and each other person in the family tree.


This report provides a detailed view of any DNA test results associated with the selected person.