Family History System files (*.nam) Print button

documentFiles created by Family History System (FHS) can be directly imported into My Family Tree.

Importing from FHS

FHS stores data in three linked files (*.nam, *.adr, and *.oth).  During import, select the relevant *.nam file and ensure that the two other files are present in the same folder and have the same name as the *.nam file.

Family History System running on MS-DOS

Fig 1. Family History System running on MS-DOS.

Character encoding

FHS files are encoded using the same code page as the original system where the file was produced.  In most cases this is Code Page 437 (sometimes referred to as CP437, OEM-US, OEM 437, PC-8, or DOS Latin US).

If a file was produced on a system using a different code page, you may need to select the correct code page.  Change the encoding if the preview text is not displayed correctly.

FHS import options

Fig 2. Options when importing Family History System files.

Code page 437

Fig 3. Characters in Code Page 437.