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documentFiles created by Ancestral Quest (AQ) version 1.0 and later can be directly imported into My Family Tree.

Importing from AQ 1.0 to 2.x

AQ 1.0 to 2.x store data in five linked files (indiv2.dat, marr2.dat, namadd2.dat, notes2.dat, and name2.dat).  During import, select the relevant indiv2.dat file and ensure that the four other files are present in the same folder.  The file format is identical to PAF 2.x files.

Importing from AQ 3+

AQ 3-16 store data in a single file with an *.aq or *.aqz extension.  Ancestry Family Tree 9.0-10.0 uses the same file format but with an *.aft or *.afz file extension.

The database file may contain links to multimedia files stored in other locations. Files are automatically imported if they can be found on the local disk at the location the link points to.  Any links to online files or files which cannot be located will be imported as placeholders.  You will be prompted to search for them after the import, or you can resolve them at any time in the Multimedia view.

To automatically import multimedia files, place a copy of the files in the same folder as the database file or a subfolder next to it.

Ancestral Quest 3

Fig 1. Ancestral Quest 3.