My Family Tree 7.0 Version History

Version (23 April 2017)

New features and enhancements
- Updated French translation.

- Fixed issue with Timeline.
- Fixed issue with 'Edit family relationships' navigation.
- Fixed issue with text only deceased date on marriage connectors.

Version (19 April 2017)

New features and enhancements
- Added support for direct import of Family History System files.

- Fixed issue with "incorrect password" prompt being shown in error.
- Fixed issue with update notification being displayed after successful update.
- Fixed issue with double click import of GEDCOM files.
- Fixed minor issue with sort name display settings not being stored.
- Fixed minor issue display with story text in Find and Replace.

Version (15 April 2017)

New features and enhancements
- Added support for importing older GEDCOM files produced by Family History System and Personal Ancestral File.
- Added support for direct import of Personal Ancestral File files.
- Added detection of pre GEDCOM 5.5 files.
- Added support for importing multivolume GEDCOM files (*.G00, *.G01 etc.).
- Added option to add a contact address for individuals.
- Added option to customise the display of names in lists.
- Added user prompt before deleting name records.
- Added support for .NET 4.7 and Windows 10 Creators Update.
- Added long path support on supported operating systems.
- Added extra name formatting options for capitalisation, given names and middle names.
- Improvements to Facts view (grouping and display text of items).
- Improvements to Date Editors (month names can be typed, tab support for quicker entry).
- Improvements to Reports (grouping and filtering of report types, improved editing UI, batch export).
- Improvements to Multimedia (better file preview for documents, more image editing options).
- Improvements to high contrast themes.
- Improvements to high DPI support.
- Improvements to the file format.

- Fixed issue with "people who married very young" discrepancy report.
- Fixed issue with some statistics charts not displaying correctly when the bar was is 1 or 1 BCE.
- Fixed issue importing some GEDCOM files.
- Fixed performance issue in the Families, and Citations views.
- Fixed scrolling issue in some grouped lists.
- Fixed issue with CSV export.
- Fixed issue with familyxs files on systems where FIPS is enabled.