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Find and Replace offers a quick and easy way to find and replace text information stored in your family tree. For example if you have 100 people with the surname Smithe and you later discover that it should have been Smith you can quickly correct the mistake.

The Find and Replace tool

Fig 1. The Find and Replace tool.

Search options

Match case

If "Match case" is checked, the search will only match text which is cased exactly as the find text. For example if the search text is "Smith" then any text containing "Smith" will be returned. If "Match case" is not checked, then any text containing the letters smith will be returned e.g. smith, Smith, SMITH and so on.

Match whole words only

If "Match whole words only" is checked, the search will only match text which contains complete words.  For example if the search text is "Smith" then a name such as Fred Smith would be a match but names such as Fred Smithson or Fred Blacksmith would not.

Match wildcards

If "Match wildcards" is checked, the search will treat a * character as a wildcard which can stand for any string of characters.  For example if the search text is "*red" then a names such as Fred Smith and Alfred Smith would be a match.


You can choose to include or exclude certain types of field from the search.

Replacing text

Choose "Replace all" to replace all matches of the search text with the replacement text.

Choose "Replace selected" to replace all matches you have selected in the "Results" box.

Undoing changes

Changes made using Find and Replace cannot be undone automatically. It is recommended that you save your file before making any changes. If you make a mistake which you cannot reverse using another find and replace operation, simply close the My Family Tree without saving your file. When you reopen the file, any changes you made will not have been saved to the file.