My Family Tree files (*.familyx, *.familyxs) Print button

familyxs iconfamilyx iconWhen you save your family tree, the information is stored in a special container which packages all the family tree data, photos, stories, audio, videos, and attachments in a single file.

Storage and security

You have complete control over where you save your family tree and who has access to the information.  Most users save their family tree directly onto their device, safe in the knowledge that all the information is then kept privately on their device.  Other users choose to save their files to the cloud, which is very useful for backing up or sharing with other family members.  Remember that if you share your file, any one who has access to the file can view and change the information in their own copy of My Family Tree.  File protection or file encryption can be used to restrict other users from viewing or changing information in the file.

File protection

Files can be protected from permanent edits by other users.  Use the File⯈Protect file… dialog to add a password to protect the file from changes.  Once protected, files can be viewed as normal but no changes can be saved.

Protected files are designed for sharing with others.  Always keep an unprotected copy of your database, just in case you forget the password.  Please note that if you forget the password, it is not possible for you to recover or reset this password.

File encryption

Files can be protected from unauthorised access or modification using file encryption.  See Encryption for further details.