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My Family Tree supports several accessibility features to help all users make best use of the application.

Display zoom

With display zoom, you can customise the size of the text and controls in My Family Tree in real time.  This helps to make things easier to read on high resolution screens and gives easier navigation on touch screens.

You can change the zoom level with special keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl++ to increase, Ctrl+- to decrease and Ctrl+0 to restore) or manually using the Themes menu.  The default setting is 100% which represents no zoom and you can increase this up to 500% according to your needs.

Display zoom levels Themes menu

Fig 1. The zoom levels (left) and the themes menu (right).

High DPI

In Windows® you can make the text larger and smaller whilst maintaining the display resolution.  This setting applies to all applications and generally requires you to sign out again each time you change the setting.  My Family Tree is high DPI aware and supports per monitor DPI in Windows 8.1 and later.


My Family Tree supports the open source OpenDyslexic typeface which was created to increase text readability for people with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies. It can be downloaded from  Once installed you can use Ctrl+D to toggle between OpenDyslexic and the default font. A dyslexic theme is also available which uses a neutral cream coloured background for all screen elements to reduce glare. You can change the application theme using the Themes menu.

OpenDyslexic typeface Dyslexic theme

Fig 2. The OpenDyslexic typeface (left) and Dyslexic theme (right).

High contrast themes

My Family Tree supports several high contrast themes which closely mirror the high contrast themes supported by Windows.  High contrast themes heighten the colour contrast of some text and images on your computer screen, making those items more distinct and easier to identify.  You can change the application theme using the Themes menu.

High contrast white theme High contrast #2 theme

Fig 3. The High Contrast White theme (left) and High Contrast #2 theme (right).

Light level

The application theme can be changed to according to the light level of the environment where the application is being used. A dark theme may be more suitable in brighter environments. The theme can be quickly toggled between light and dark using the task bar thumb button.

Normal display zoom

Fig 4. The task bar change theme thumb button.