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The Options view provides access to many useful settings to configure the way in which GEDCOM Validator functions to your personal preferences.

The Options view

Fig 1. The Options view.


Current theme: GEDCOM Validator supports 7 different themes for the user interface.

Colour filter: GEDCOM Validator supports colour filters which are designed to make it easier for people with colour vision deficiency to differentiate between colours such as red and green, or make it easier for people with light sensitivity to use the application.  See Accessibility.

Zoom: make text and other items in GEDCOM Validator bigger by choosing one of the zoom options.  See Accessibility.

Font: Choose the font used to display text in the application.  See Accessibility.

Text size: Choose the size of the display text in the application.  The text size setting just increases the text size without zooming the size of the user interface.  See Accessibility.

Adjust ClearType text: If the text in GEDCOM Validator is difficult to read, you may need to adjust the ClearType text settings on your computer (Windows 7 and later only).


Language: You can change the default display language for the application.  If you would like to translate GEDCOM Validator user interface in to your own language, please contact us.

Date display format: choose the date format for displaying dates. By default, GEDOM Validator uses the Windows default date format for the currently selected language.

Text Editor

Text editor full path: You can change the default text editor from the built in Windows Notepad application.  Enter the full path of the application here.

Text editor Go To command syntax: If your chosen text editor supports a command line argument to go to a specific line upon opening the file enter that here. Note that Windows Nodepad does not have a Go To command line options.

Configuring a text editor

Fig 3. Configuring a text editor.


Check for updates automatically: enable or disable the automatic check for application updates.


Revert all settings to default: Reset all GEDCOM Validator settings to their default values.