My Family Tree Localisation Toolkit

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Release notes

Full translations

Australian Flag English (Australian)

United Kingdom Flag English (British)

Canadian Flag English (Canadian)

American Flag English (American)

French Flag French (French)

Galician Flag Galician (Galician)

Greek Flag Greek (Greece)

Polish Flag Polish (Poland)

Brazilian Flag Portuguese (Brazil)


Partial translations

Dutch Flag Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Catalonian Flag Catalan (Catalan)

Dutch Flag Chinese (Simplified)

Dutch Flag Chinese (Traditional)

Czech Flag Czech (Czech Republic)

Danish Flag Danish (Denmark)

Dutch Flag Dutch (Netherlands)

Finnish Flag Finnish (Finland)

German Flag German (Germany)

Italian Flag Italian (Italy)

South Korean Flag Korean (South Korea)

Norwegian Flag Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)

Portuguese Flag Portuguese (Portugal)

Russian Flag Russian (Russia)

Spanish Flag Spanish (Spain)

Swedish Flag Swedish (Sweden)

Turkish Flag Turkish (Turkey)

Uyghur Flag Uyghur (China)

Vietnamese Flag Vietnamese (Vietnam)