My Family Tree Localisation Toolkit

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Release notes

Supported languages

Dutch Flag Arabic (Saudi Arabia)*

Catalonian Flag Catalan (Catalan)*

Dutch Flag Chinese (Simplified)*

Dutch Flag Chinese (Traditional)*

Czech Flag Czech (Czech Republic)*

Danish Flag Danish (Denmark)*

Dutch Flag Dutch (Netherlands)*

Australian Flag English (Australian)

United Kingdom Flag English (British)

Canadian Flag English (Canadian)

American Flag English (American)

Finnish Flag Finnish (Finland)*

French Flag French (French)

Galician Flag Galician (Galician)*

German Flag German (Germany)*

Italian Flag Italian (Italy)*

South Korean Flag Korean (South Korea)*

Norwegian Flag Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)*

Polish Flag Polish (Poland)*

Brazilian Flag Portuguese (Brazil)*

Portuguese Flag Portuguese (Portugal)*

Russian Flag Russian (Russia)*

Spanish Flag Spanish (Spain)*

Swedish Flag Swedish (Sweden)*

Turkish Flag Turkish (Turkey)*

Uyghur Flag Uyghur (China)*

Vietnamese Flag Vietnamese (Vietnam)*

*partial translation only